Part Number: RV-10
Product Name: 10 lb. RV Basic System

This RV Series Power Tank high performance air system is the one designed for the RVer. The RV Series comes with a Super Flow preset regulator. Static outlet pressure of 180 PSI and a very high flow rate of 24 CFM. This is a great system for those looking for Power Tank performance and reliability to inflate high pressure RV and trailer tires; some as high as 130 PSI. If you need to add 7 PSI to your 22.5" tire this system will do approx. 40 tires on one fill. We highly recommend the new Speed Bag for safety and ease of storage and carrying. If you're looking for an air system with an adjustable pressure regulator look into adding our Comp Series HP250i regulator. It is adjustable from 0-250 PSI and boasts a 45 CFM flow rate max for faster tire inflations and the ability to run air tools, blow out lines, etc. (recommended for air tool use).

List Price: $412.44
Our Price: $349.95
You Save: $62.49

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Available Products/Options

Dust cap / thread protector for CO2 valve 
List Price: $6.19
Our Price: $4.95
You Save: $1.24
4-Finger Blow Gun, composite body 
Our Price: $18.95
Blower Gun Kit 
Our Price: $49.95
Hose Bag-Mesh Black nylon 
List Price: $18.69
Our Price: $14.95
You Save: $3.74
Super Bracket,10 - 15 lb. ( Our #1 Seller) 
List Price: $87.44
Our Price: $69.95
You Save: $17.49
Super Scale 
Our Price: $39.95
Power Wrench 2 
List Price: $25.00
Our Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $10.00
You Save: $15.00
Tire Inflator Kit, 160 PSI, 3 chucks, 6' whip 
List Price: $137.44
Our Price: $109.95
You Save: $27.49
PremiumTeflon Tape 
Our Price: $2.00

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