Part Number: RV10-PLAT
Product Name: 10 lb. RV PLATINUM PACKAGE

The Power Tank RV10 Platinum Package represents our premium RV air system in a more portable size. This system is 6" shorter than the RV15 system and weighs 28lb. full (9 lb. less than the RV15). The Platinum difference is the high performance adjustable SuperFlow HPX regulator (250 PSI Max.) that comes with this package. The HP250i adds more tire inflation speed and versatility to your Power Tank air system This regulator boasts 25% higher flow rate than the RV Series Super Flow preset regulator and adds the feature of an adjustable outlet pressure. Because you can turn the pressure down you can now use your Power Tank to run all air tools, blow out lines at a safe pressure, or other uses where lower pressures are needed. We recommend this system for coaches running 100+ PSI tire pressures, those looking for the fastest tire inflation speeds, or anyone who wants additional air power and versatility. The Platinum Package comes with everything pictured here. This one is the 10 lb. which is the smaller of the two sizes. The three different tire chucks ensure that you will have the right one no matter what kind of stem you have. The braided 10' hose is made for CO2 temps and Power Tank pressures. The padded Speed Bag makes carrying and storage easy and the special RV tire inflator ensures your safety while airing up. And remember, the SuperFlow HPX regulator comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If you want to make the important task of airing up your tires easy and fast I guarantee you'll love the Power Tank Platinum Package.

List Price: $674.94
Our Price: $579.95
You Save: $94.99

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