Part Number: TIG-8340
Product Name: Digital Tire Inflator, (3) chucks, 6' Hose Whip

PRO Series Digital Gauge, Clip-on, angle dual head, straight dual head chucks, 6 foot SuperFlex hose whip, 5-150 PSI (.5-10.5 Bar) pressure range, pressure release button, high pressure o-rings. Towman love this model because it has a blue backlight and large numbers so they can accurately see the readings at night and in adverse weather conditions. It includes two styles of dual head chucks for different wheels and stems. The 6 foot hose whip allows the towman to stand safely back when inflating tires that may have been run on low air. Digital gauge features: 6x accuracy of an analog gauge, automatic on, automatic off, shock resistant internals, shock boot, and the blue backlight for night reading, 3 year warranty on the gauge.

Cool features of our digital gauges:

1. Accuracy of 1% throughout pressure range.
2. Tested under our own drop testing requirement (4 drops @ 5 and still maintain accy).
3. Automatic turn-on when pressure is sensed.
4. Nice blue backlight for easy reading in low light.
5. Reads in 4 different scales so it can be read in any country.
6. Uses common AAA batteries.
7. 150 psi max pressure so it can even be used on some shocks for accurate readings.

All of Power Tank tire inflators are fully rebuildable with parts available on our website.

5 year limited warranty (Proof of purchase required.)

List Price: $174.95
Our Price: $139.95
You Save: $35.00


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