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CO2 Tank 10 LB Package A System Power Tank

Candy Red (CR) NEW!!!
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Five Available Colors!
Gloss Black (BK)
Team Yellow (YL)
Matte Black (MBK)
Includes our new Power Grip4 Guard with tool/hose holder
Candy Blue (CB)
HP250i COMP Series
Optional Power-Flow Coupler ($10)
PT5, PT10, PT15, PT20
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Note: Unfortunately, due to an unexpected paint issue, we are out of stock of Candy Red 10lb Tanks until further notice.

New for 2018! Customize your Power Tank with one of our new billet aluminum tank knobs. These go on top of your bottle and replace the black plastic knob which comes standard. Five colors to choose from:

CO2 Tank 10 LB Package A System from Power Tank. The PT10 Package A System is one of our top selling Power Tank air systems. It is clean and simple and includes all of the basic parts for a great starter Power Tank air system.
Package A includes: PT10 Aluminum Tank (powder coated) w/ Nickel Plated Valve, SuperFlow HP250i Regulator, 30 foot HP1200 braided hose with fittings, Power Grip Guard, Super Bracket, Tank Boot, Reg. Cover and Ball Air Chuck.
Available Colors: Team Yellow, Gloss Black, Matte Black, Candy Blue, Candy Red

  • PT10 Aluminum Tank
  • Nickel Plated Valve
  • SuperFlow HP250i Regulator
  • 30 Foot HP 1200 Braided Hose
  • Fittings
  • Power Grip Guard
  • Super Bracket
  • Tank Boot
  • Regulator Cover
  • Ball Air Chuck

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