Part Number: PTC01-3150 (Best Seller)
Product Name: 20 oz.- Sidearm Kit - Package B, (with Case)

The Sidearm is a revolutionary product the we developed for anyone who needs high energy in a limited volume and was looking for maximum convenience. If you're in construction you'll understand the advantage of the mobility this product will give you while driving any nail gun up to a framer from this tiny high performance belt holstered air system. You'll get your work done faster and with less fatigue. It will also run a 3/8" drive impact wrench for driving frame anchor bolts and/or lug nuts. The special Sidearm COMP regulator goes up to 160 PSI and features a built-in safety pressure bleed off valve in case of a regulator malfunction to keep from damaging your gun or tool. This Kit comes with a spare bottle, a holster, a Straight Jacket sleeve with a belt clip, all in a nice nylon carry bag. The Sidearm Systems are the ultimate time savers for any pick up, repair, trim, or crown job.
At the race track, there's no more need to lug around heavy and bulky air tanks or gas bottles. One 20 oz. Sidearm will do plenty of tire adjustments, etc. If you want to fill your own CO2 bottles get the Power Filler 1 or the complete ITT-2020 Transfill Kit.

This Pkg. B kit comes with a nylon bottle holster that fits on a 3" tool belt or clips to your pants with a spring steel belt clip. There is also a Straight Jacket bottle holder with a belt clip that can be used to hold your spare bottle on your belt. The carbiner can be used to hang your system on a nail or ladder. The mini coil braided hose stretches 10' but feels compact.
Need higher pressure than 160 PSI? Then order it with the Sidearm PRO Regulator and get up to 400 PSI (Not recommended for nail gun use.).

List Price: $437.44
Our Price: $349.95
You Save: $87.49


The nylon holster fits a 3" belt. Side pockets hold pencils, etc. Safety strap holds bottle in. Rivets at corners for durability.

Sidearm running a palm nailer.

The steel belt clip comes in handy when you aren't wearing a tool belt.

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