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Portable Air Compressor 10 Lb Tank Basic System Power Tank

Candy Red (CR) NEW!!!
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Five Available Colors!
Team Yellow (YL)
Gloss Black (BK)
Matte Black (MBK)
Candy Blue (CB)
Includes our new PowerGrip4 Guard with tool/hose holder
PT5, PT10, PT15, PT20

Portable Air Compressor 10 Lb Tank Basic System Power Tank

List Price 474.94

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Note: Unfortunately, due to an unexpected paint issue, we are out of stock of Candy Red 10lb Tanks until further notice.

New for 2018! Customize your Power Tank with one of our new billet aluminum tank knobs. These go on top of your bottle and replace the black plastic knob which comes standard. Five colors to choose from:

If you want Power Tank Performance but you're on a compressor budget here's a starter system that is just as fast as the more expensive Power Tank Package Deals but without some of the frills. Add on accessories later as you can afford them. This is a 10 LB system; the most popular size that we sell. We call it a 10 LB system because that is how much CO2 gas it can hold when full.
The 10 LB tank comes in your choice of colors: Team Yellow, Candy Blue, Gloss Black, Matte Black, and Candy Red.

  • Armorcoat Tank with chrome valve
  • 10 lb. PT System Basic
  • HP250i Regulator
  • Power Grip Guard
  • 30 Foot Superflex Braided Hose
  • Coupler Fittings
  • Tire Air Chuck
  • Dim: 7 Inch dia. x 24 Inch Ht., 27 lb. wt. full

Back when Steve invented the first Power Tank in 1996 it was to inflate his offroad tires after wheeling through a trail to keep them from getting chewed up driving to the nearest gas station. This new concept worked so well that he decided to make it into a product and offer it to other offroaders. One year later the first prototype was refined into the first commercial Power Tank and was put on the market. It was not as refined as today's Power Tank but it was Fast and people liked it. Pretty soon the little Power Tank company in Steve's garage needed his full time attention so he quit his salary job as a designer at a leading bicycle company and became Power Tank Steve full time. Power Tanks are sold all over the world to several different markets but the market that we have the most passion for still is the off road market. And as tires have gotten bigger and tire pressures have increased the need for Power Tanks has grown. Do yourself a favor.
If you're looking for an air system or you're ready to upgrade your air system talk to a Power Tank owner and ask them why they'll never go back to a compressor ever again.