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SuperFlow Regulator Upgrade Program / New Reg + New Hose

This 10 yr. old Power Tank regulator was pretty battered but still worth $100.  Despite its battered shape it still worked well.
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HP250i - $150
XP400 Pro - $200
Here is the 25' coiled braided high pressure hose you will get.

SuperFlow Regulator Upgrade Program / New Reg + New Hose

List Price 187.44

Product Options
(options may carry additional charges)

Does your Power Tank regulator look like this? Guess what. It's still worth $100! Send it to us and we'll give you $100 for it towards a brand new SuperFlow HP250i regulator (or a SuperFlow XP400 PRO Series regulator) and a SuperFlex 30' high pressure coiled hose. It's all part of our UPGRADE PROGRAM and it's just one of the benefits you get when you buy a Power Tank.
The new Power Tank SuperFlow regulators will still fit your old tank and guard and you'll get the same hot performance as the newest Power Tank. The new SuperFlex HP1200 hose comes with your new regulator and is included in the price. Why do we want you to get a the new hose? The new SuperFlow regulators are much higher performance than our old models and your old hose does not have the burst pressure to low temperature requirements. Also, all SuperFlex hoses are only warrantied for 2 years as they degrade with age, UV, and heat so you probably need a new one anyway.

There are two ways you can upgrade to a new SuperFlow HP250i regulator and SuperFlex hose.
1. Send in your old Power Tank regulator. Include a letter with your name and address (no PO boxes). Include a check for $149.95
HP250i regulator ($220.00) PLUS SuperFlex hose ($39.95) MINUS $100 trade-in discount AND $10 hose discount = final cost ($149.95).
2. You can place your order on-line and then send in your trade-in regulator. Keep your old hose. We will note the order and wait for your regulator to arrive. Once we receive your regulator we will process your order and payment and get your new parts coming to you immediately.

Send your old trade-in to: Power Tank, Attn; Upgrade Program, 43 Commerce Street #103, Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 366-2163.

To upgrade to the XP400i PRO Series regulator add $50 making it $199.95 with trade-in.
We have had some requests to do a trade-in deal with The Source regulators. So starting now we will give you $50 for any The Source regulators towards one of our SuperFlow regulators kits (REG-7000 or REG-7001). You will do this by calling us at (209) 366-2163.