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Power Tank Warranty & Upgrade Program


SuperFlow Series Regulators
All come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our SuperFlow™ series regulators are designed and built to withstand much harsher conditions than any normal regulators are expected to endure - outdoor heat, moisture, dirt, grit, and vibration. Add to that the subfreezing effects of high output CO2 vapor. There are no harsher environments that require higher demands of a high performance CO2 regulator.

We are so confident of the quality and performance of our SuperFlow™ regulators that we provide each one with a limited lifetime warranty. For the first year (12 months) from the original date of purchase, Power Tank will repair or replace (at the election and expense of Power Tank) a SuperFlow™ regulator for free so long as a dated copy of the original sale invoice is provided along with the defective regulator. The regulator must be returned to Power Tank for warranty service. After the first year we will repair a SuperFlow™ regulator for a nominal $30 fee to cover all parts (not including gauges), labor, and return shipping. If a regulator is returned for repair without a copy of a receipt it will be assumed to be past the one year period and will be charged fees accordingly. A name, phone number, email address (optional) and return mailing address must accompany any returned product. This warranty is transferable and applies to USA only.

Power Tank warranty will not cover abnormal use or regulators that have been tampered with. Abnormal use or tampering includes but is not limited to modification or disassembly of any part of the regulator, unreasonable use, use with a gas other than CO2 or N2, use on a non-certified CO2 tank (past due hydro date or failed hydro test), use on a non-CO2 or N2 tank, neglect, lack of maintenance or care, use in a production related service, improper lubrication, or use after malfunction or damage has occurred.

Tank and Guard – Lifetime Warranty
Our aluminum CO2 tanks are the best in the industry. They feature a factory powder coated finish. We spec the best valves on the market. The life expectancy rating is 100,000 cycles (fills). Each tank requires a recertification test every five years from the tank's manufacture date. To help protect the valve and regulator we require that our Power Grip guard be mounted around them at all times. We offer a lifetime warranty on this guard against material and manufacturing defects.

SuperFlex™ Hose – 2-Year Warranty
Our HP-1200 braided high pressure hose is made of a co-extruded SuperFlex shell featuring a cross braided polyester thread between the two shells. This shell construction is what gives it an amazing 1200 psi burst pressure. As tough as our hose is it is still susceptible to degradation from UV and heat. Nevertheless, we will cover our hoses for two years from date of purchase against manufacture and material defects. We do recommend that you inspect and/or replace your hose every two years.

Tire Inflators – 5-Year Warranty
Our Heavy Duty Tire Inflators also known as TIG's are one of the most accurate and heavy duty inflators around. We currently custom build over 15 different models of tire inflators and assemble them all in house. Each gauge is tested to be within our accuracy spec before packaged and shipped to ensure you the best quality and reliability.


Upgrade Program

One of the advantages that you get when you buy into a Power Tank system is our Upgrade Program. As our product improves so can your Power Tank system. This means that you can always have a Power Tank with the latest technology no matter how old it gets. The way our Upgrade Program works is if you ever have the desire to trade up your old Power Tank regulator to a newer and/or higher model we will give you a substantial trade-in value for your old one towards the upgrade. Even if your old Power Tank regulator looks like it saw battle in Iraq it will always have a tremendous trade-in value.

Troy, an old customer who uses his 8-year-old Power Tank for work and play, called us with a regulator problem. His old brass model still worked but the gauges were smashed from years of hard use and it didn't seem to flow as high as it used to We were happy to rebuild his regulator but it would have cost $40 for both new gauges + $20 for a rebuild. We told him that his other option was to trade it in for a new one. He couldn't believe we'd give him $100 trade-in value for his old regulator towards a brand new SuperFlow HP250i ($220) or an XP400 ($270). Not only that, but his warranty would start all over on the new regulator. So, for $120 + his old regulator, Troy received a brand new SuperFlow HP250i regulator and improved his Power Tank’s performance tremendously. Due to the added performance of his new HP250i regulator and the age of his original hose we recommended he also replace his old hose with a new high pressure braided SuerFlex hose designed for low temperatures and high pressures. Because he did it at the same time we took $10 off of the hose price.

A rebuild of his 8-year-old regulator would have cost $60. For $40 more (or the price of a hose) Troy got a brand new Power Tank regulator, improved his Power Tank's performance and reliability with newer technology, got a new $40 hose improving the safety of his system, and a renewed warranty on all of these new parts.

Trade-in values (working or not):
1997-2002 (brass bodies) $90
2003-now (aluminum HP bodies) $100

2002-now (RV Series) $60

New SuperFlow Regulator Prices  
SuperFlow HP250i  COMP Series $220
(with reg. trade in $120)
SuperFlow XP400i PRO Series $270
(with reg. trade in $170)
SuperFlow RV Series $130 (You can only use an RV Series reg. as a trade-in here.)
(with reg. trade in $70)

If you order a new HP-1200 braided hose at the time of your regulator upgrade we will give you a substantial discount on it. All hoses should be inspected or replaced every two years due to abrasion and UV degradation.

New HP-1200 Hose Prices  
10’ coiled - #HSE-8090 $29.95 (-$8 with upgrade) = $21.95
30’ coiled - #HSE-8080 $39.95 (-$10 with upgrade) = $29.95
30’ straight - #HSE-ST30 $39.95 (-$10 with upgrade) = $29.95
30’ straight - #HSE-UF30 $39.95 (-$10 with upgrade) = $29.95

Recommended Upgrade from Power Tank:
Upgrade Program, Regulator + Hose, HP250i / New HP250i Reg. ($220.00) + New 30' Coiled Hose ($39.95 - $10.00 = $29.95).
$249.95 - $100.00 trade-in TOTAL COST = $149.95 (plus shipping)

Send all warranty and upgrade products to:

Power Tank
Attn: Upgrade Program OR Warranty
43 Commerce Street, Unit 103
Lodi, CA 95240
(And don’t forget to include your name, address, email, and phone number)
Questions?  209-366-2163 or email us:  info@powertank.com