Aircat 1/2" Drive Impact Wrench

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Customers always ask us what impact wrench we’d recommend now that they have a Power Tank.  There are so many ½” impacts out there.  Some are $50 that won’t turn a bolt any better than a 8-year-old with a wrench and then there are the $400 impacts with fancy name brands.  I look for the most power at the best value.  The Ingersol Rand 231C is a great gun.  It’s only spec’d at 600 lb./ft. but I’d put it up against any 900 lb./ft. gun on the market.  The Chicago Pnuematic CP7748 was a favorite but they stopped making it.  Same with the Ingersol Rand 2131.  The IR 2135 is also a mule kicker of a gun but the price has been inching up to the stratosphere.  If you want to know what my new favorite impact is in the “best value” category it’s this one, the AIRCAT 1150.  It’s a composite so it’s lightweight, it spins at 9000 rpm, has a swivel air inlet, and offers over 1000 lb./ft. of reverse torque.  I think the selector lever is something I have to get used to and it’s not the sleekest looking tool but it works and works well. 

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