BLEM - 20oz Extra CO2 Bottle Power Tank

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Blem - This item may have scratches, small dents, or other minor cosmetic defects. The item is fully functional. 

20oz Extra CO2 Bottle from Power Tank. Don't run out of CO2 in the middle of a job. An extra bottle is cheap insurance to ensure you don't run out of air when you really need it.

The simple pin valve is for kits with a trigger regulator like our PTM-0125. The high-end on/off valve is for kits with a Sidearm adjustable regulator such as those starting with PS01 or PT01. Make sure to choose the correct valve when ordering because they are not cross-compatible. 

Note: We recommend using a valve protector at all times as one drop without one will ruin the valve. All of our 20 oz. bottles come with a valve protector.

  • Powdercoated Matte Black
  • Includes Pin Valve or On/Off valve
  • Includes valve protector