No-Air-Loss Tire and Shock Chuck 1/8" NPT Power Tank

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This is a high-pressure screw-on NAL (no-air-loss) chuck from Power Tank. This NAL Chuck was designed specifically to accurately adjust pressures through a shock shrader valve. The mini T handle opens and closes the center pin valve while it is attached to the valve stem so the pressure set is the pressure you get.

This is the same chuck that we use on our SIG-5600 and SIG-0500 shock inflators. Rated for 1700 PSI. Stainless Steel. 1/8 inch NPT thread. Used for nitrogen shocks. Also works on tire valve stems and is often used in aviation applications.


  • Stainless Steel
  • 1/8 Inch NPT Male Thread
  • Used for Nitrogen Shocks
  • Rated for 1700 PSI
  • Mini T Handle