OVERSTOCK - Black BTS Bracket for Jeep Wranlger JLU Power Tank Mount (Ver. 1.0)

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Note: This bracket currently is not compatible with the Wrangler Soft Top or one-touch Power Soft Top without modifications. If you plan to run the standard soft top, check out BKT-2249. If you would like to modify this bracket for use with the standard Wrangler Soft Top, you can download the template here.

This JLU Power Tank Mount is one of our favorite bracket designs to date. When we first started seeing leaks of the all new Jeep Wrangler, we noticed the roll bars looked a little different. They were square tubing and that meant that our traditional roll bar clamps wouldn't work!

That meant back to the drawing board; we had to come up with an all new solution to allow folks to mount their Power Tanks. What we came up with was a three piece design that is stiffer and way more secure than our JKU drop bracket. It locates your 10 lb or 15 lb Power Tank in a perfect position behind the rear seats and under the roll bar. You'll also notice that we cut a MOLLE pattern on the top plate. This allows you to attach MOLLE compatible bags to store your tire inflator and other tools for quick access. For a behind the scenes look at how we developed this new bracket, check out our blog post! 

This bracket installs simply using two of the stock hard top bolts along with two bolts through the fender well. It will work with or without the hard top and mounts to the driver or passenger side (JLUs with the factory Alpine sub are limited to driver side mounts). 

This bracket includes all hardware needed to mount your Super Bracket and Power Tank. If you do not currently have a Super Bracket, they can be purchased here. 

New! To make use of the space beneath the bracket, we have developed a tailor made BTS Bag. Featuring a double zipper closure to access the ample storage space and a durable ballistic nylon construction, it's a no brainer to pair with your BTS Bracket. View BTS Bag here.


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