15 lb Track Pack Pkg A Power Tank - CO2 Tank Portable Air System

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CO2 Tank 15 LB Track Pack Package A from Power Tank. If you're running a larger than 35 inch tire or run higher tire pressures on a full size truck you may consider getting a larger tank size like this PT15 for more tire fills.

A Power Tank is the fastest and most powerful portable air solution. With the power of CO2 you can air up faster, reseat bigger tires (tested up to 46 in) safely, and run air tools at full power. To see what Power Tank performance looks like for your tire size, check out our tire air up chart. Based on tire size and amount of air you are adding, it will tell you how many tires you can fill on one tank and how quickly you can do it. As an example, you can air up from 10 psi to 25 psi on a 37 inch tire in 38 seconds and you can air up 27 tires before needing to refill your 10 lb Power Tank! The same size tank can also remove 540 lug nuts at 90 ft/lbs from a 1/2 in impact wrench before empty. When it's empty, take your tank to a local fire extinguisher service shop, welding supply store, or beverage carbonics shop, and have it refilled for about $15-$30.

The best part? This self-contained, compact system is portable and easily moved from vehicle to vehicle, walked down the trail to help a broken rig, or transported from the chase truck to the race car all without power cables or long air hoses to run. The Speed Bag features three different ways to transport your Power Tank.

This Package A system includes everything you need to run air tools and air up tires through an included push-on air chuck.

NEW! Customize your Power Tank with one of our new billet aluminum tank knobs. These go on top of your bottle and replace the black plastic knob which comes standard. Multiple color options:

Available Power Tank Colors: Gloss Black, Candy Blue, Candy Red


  • 15 lb. Track Pack Package A
  • HP250i Regulator
  • Power Grip Guard
  • Armorcoat Tank
  • Chrome Valve
  • 30 Foot Superflex Braided Hose
  • Coupler Fittings
  • Ball Chuck
  • Speed Bag
  • Tank Boot

Note: This package is not customizable. For customization options, please use our new Power Tank Builder.