15 lb RV Platinum Package Power Tank - CO2 Tank Portable Air System

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CO2 Tank 15 LB System RV Gold Package Power Tank. This kit builds on the Silver and Gold Package by adding our top of the line Safety Series Digital Tire Inflator to inflate high pressure RV and trailer tires, some as high as 130 PSI. If you need to add 7 PSI to your 22.5" tire this system will do approx. 60 tires on one fill in under 30 seconds each.

The Safety Series Tire Inflator has a 6 ft whip giving you "stand away" safety in the event of a tire blow out allowing you to stand up and away from the tire while you are inflating. (It's also a knee saver! No more crouching down by the tire.) The digital gauge is also twice as accurate as the analog version and features an easy to read display with a backlight for air ups in the dark. It also features swappable tire chucks which means valve stems are always easy to access, even with dually or alcoa wheels. 

We keep the Super Coupler in this package, again, for increased safety. The Super Coupler has its own on/off switch for air pressure. When you plug or unplug your tool, you no longer have to fight the 200+ psi in the hose; air only flows when you want it to. It's also a universal coupler so it will accept any air tool you can find, making things simple when you want to use your Power Tank for chores around the house. 

Also added to this package is a complete tire repair kit. This kit can fix nearly any problem you have with your wheel from punctures in the tread to broken valve stems. Many repairs can be done in a shorter time than changing a spare tire or waiting for a tow truck minimizing your time on the side of a busy highway. 

The included 10 ft hose is shorter and easier to manage than our 30 ft hose as you carry your Power Tank to check each tire. The padded speed bag means you don't have to worry about where to mount your Power Tank; you can store it anywhere there is room without worry that the components will get scratched or damaged.

The HP250i Regulator boasts more than enough power to quickly inflate your tires and it does so silently so you don't disturb your neighbors if you get an early start to the day. A Power Tank does not require electricity and can be refilled in about half an hour at any fire extinguisher service shop, welding supply shop, or beverage carbonics shop throughout the country. It will even run air tools with ease or power a blow gun (ATL-2002) for easy clean ups. 

Platinum Package includes: PT15 Aluminum Tank (powder coated) w/ Nickel Plated Valve, SuperFlow Regulator, 10 foot hose with fittings, Power Grip Guard, Padded Speed Bag, Tank Boot, high pressure Safety Series Tire Inflator (TIG-8340), complete tire repair kit, and a Super Coupler. 

NEW! Customize your Power Tank with one of our new billet aluminum tank knobs. These go on top of your bottle and replace the black plastic knob which comes standard. Multiple color options:

Available Power Tank Colors: Gloss Black, Candy Blue, Candy Red


  • PT15 Aluminum Tank
  • Nickel Plated Valve
  • 10 Foot HP 1200 Braided Hose
  • Fittings
  • Power Grip Guard
  • Speed Bag
  • Tank Boot
  • Regulator Cover
  • Tire Inflator (TIG-8340)
  • Super Coupler
  • Power Wrench
  • Complete Tire Repair Kit (KIT-8134)