10 lb. Super Bracket COMP Strap - T-Bolt Clamp - Pair

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This is a pair of stainless steel T-Bolt style clamps that come standard on the COMP Super Bracket (BKT-2261). These are super heavy duty and are the straps of choice for professional race teams in the King of the Hammers and Baja 1000 races.

If you have a standard Super Bracket (BKT-2260) like the one that came in your PT10 or PT15 Package A or B, you can easily add these straps to your Super Bracket to maximize its holding power when traveling through the roughest terrain. Or, if you plan to 'hang' your Power Tank with the bracket holding your system from above like in a horizontal mount, these straps ARE REQUIRED to be able to hold the weight of your tank.

The single locking strap that comes standard on the Super Bracket is not designed to hold the full weight of your Power Tank and will fail with repeated use. It is merely there to hold the Power Tank in the rounded cradle of the Super Bracket frame. When your Power Tank is hanging down, the frame is unable to support any of the weight. We will not warranty your Power Tank system in the event of improper mounting.

Adding these straps to your Super Bracket will maximize its holding effectiveness while still retaining the ability to lock your Power Tank with the standard latch.

Our custom knurled thumb nut is much faster and easier than a wing nut or standard hex nut so removal of your Power Tank is still convenient when you need to remove your Power Tank from the bracket.

Sold as pair - no tools needed for install

Note: Do not use your Power Tank while mounted horizontally if you do not have a snorkel tube installed. While horizontal, you risk allowing liquid CO2 to flow through your valve and regulator rather than CO2 vapor. Always use your Power Tank vertically or at no more than a 30 degree angle from the ground.

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