Coiled Hose Catch-up Program

Dear Valued Customer-

If you’re like most of us, you want your Power Tank now.  You may have a trip coming up or you want to complete your build.  We hear you and we try our hardest to stay well stocked with inventory so we can keep our orders flowing out the door. 

Unfortunately, something happened that we had no control over.  Four of our key product suppliers including our air hose factory were forced to shut down during the months of March, April, and part of May.  This put us in a bind as our supply of coiled air hoses dried up causing us to backorder many Power Tank orders.  Last night we found out that our hose order will be delayed until July 17. 

Our sales manager, Keith, and I discussed what we could do as we felt bad about putting our customers out like this.  We decided since we had straight hoses we would ship the orders with straight hoses and then ship you your coiled hose when they arrived. 

Please keep the straight hose as an extra hose.  Just swap the fittings over.  If you want to buy fittings for your new coiled hose let us know.  We’ll send them with the hose and they’ll get a free shipping ride. 

Thank you for your order.  We value your patronage and we will continue to do all that we can to show you that you didn’t make a mistake by choosing to buy from Power Tank.




Steven K. Sasaki



P.S. – If you want to add the fittings for your coiled hose send Keith an email ( and put in the subject line:  Coiled Hose Catch-up Program Coupler Order. 

The male plug P/N is FIT-8060  $2.15

The Super Coupler P/N is FIT-8020.1 $32.95

The Power Flow Coupler is P/N ALA-8056  $21.95

(If you are a VIP member on our website you get a 10% discount.)