Air Hose Coupler 1/4 Inch Thread Power Flow 2 Power Tank

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Air Hose Coupler 1/4 Inch Thread Power Flow 2. Due to the higher outlet pressures, higher flow rates, and colder outlet temperatures of the SuperFlow XP400 regulator we had to find a higher performing quick release coupler. Despite its very compact size, the Power Flow 2 coupler is better than ever.
There are eight locking balls that hold the quick release industrial plug secure instead of 3-4 in others.

The special seals are rated at -40 degrees F and they're automatic in that it only requires one hand to push and lock the plug into place. To release, simply pull back the sleeve. 1/4 inch Male NPT threads. It is made of aircraft aluminum with a hard anodized finish for durability and light weight.