BLEM - Propane Tank Bracket For 6 lb Propane Tank Power Tank

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New! We have made a revision to this bracket in Nov, 2018. The single t-bolt clamp has been replaced with dual quick-release lockable straps found in our other brackets like our Super Bracket (BKT-2260). Check out the included product video to see the newest version while we work on updating the images. 

Propane Tank Bracket For 6 LB 6.125 Inch Diameter Propane Tank from Power Tank. This is a Aluminum propane tank holder with a stainless steel strap to securely mount the popular 6 LB. Worthington 299494 aluminum tank with 6.125 inch diameter on to trailers, vehicles, boats, or whatever you want to mount your propane tank to.

The frame is made of aluminum with rubber trim and bumpers at all major contact areas of the tank. The strap and rivets are stainless steel for a secure, corrosion-free connection. Tig welds support the base to the side walls for rigid support. Carry your propane on the roughest of trails with this well-engineered bracket. The optional ABC clamps bolt directly onto the roll bar.


  • Propane Tanks are not included
  • For 6 LB Worthington Tank
  • Rubber Trim and Bumpers
  • 6.125 Inch Diameter
  • Available in black
  • Propane tank empty weight: 8 lb
  • Bracket weight: 2.6 lb