HiPPO - Hi-Pressure Push-On Tire Chuck - 1/4" FPT

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The HiPPO or Hi-Pressure Push-On tire chuck packs a ton of great features in a little package that makes airing up all tires easier and safer. 

To operate, simply push the chuck on to your tire valve stem (works with all schrader valve stems) to lock on. When you're done airing up, simply pull the collar back to release the chuck from the valve stem. This chuck features two points of attachment for a stronger hold than clip-on style chucks, making this safer to use, especially with high-pressure applications like truck and RV tires. 

These chucks are also rebuildable for a lifetime of use. 

The Open style allows air to flow through at all times. The Closed style will hold back air pressure from your source until it locks on to a valve stem. Typically, you want to choose Open for applications needing on/off control like a tire inflator with a manual trigger. Closed chucks are common on air compressors without a dedicated tire inflator or 4-tire air up systems. 

All Ventoso Tire Inflators come standard with the HiPPO Chuck. 

1/4" FPT Threads fit most common air tool and hose applications. 

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