Package A Accessory Kit - PT05

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This is not a standalone product. This item must be paired to a matching 5 lb Power Tank cylinder to be valid (PN: starts with PTB05).

This kit has everything you need to take advantage of all the benefits your Power Tank offers without some of the extra accessories in the other packages. If you don't already have your own tire inflator with a gauge, there is a simple ball-air chuck which will inflate through standard valve stems.

The regulator cover protects the most important components from the elements.

Option details:

Bracket Color: You can spec your Super Bracket in either raw stainless steel or a satin black (in between gloss and matte) powdercoated finish. The quick release latch allows a padlock to lock your tank in and rubber strips keep the paint from scratching. It has a flat back for easy custom mounts or to be paired with one of our 'piggy-back' mounts.

Hose Coupler: The Package A kit comes standard with a Power Flow 3 coupler. It is an aluminum, auto-lock coupler. Most off-the-shelf couplers have a 3 or 4 ball lock where ours is an 8 ball lock for a secure connection under high pressure. It fits 1/4" industrial plugs. You can upgrade to the Super Coupler which is universal, meaning it will fit any air tool plug you encounter, and has it's own 'on/off' valve which will hold back pressure until your tool is plugged in. See it in action here.