Package B Accessory Kit - PT20

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This is not a standalone product. This item must be paired to a matching 20 lb Power Tank cylinder to be valid (PN: starts with PTB20).

The Package B makes using your Power Tank easier and more convenient compared to the Package A. We include a HD Tire Inflator with a large easy to read gauge and the Super Coupler now comes standard. The Tire Inflator has a clip-on chuck for a secure grip on your valve stem and a two foot whip long enough for you to stand up while airing up. The Super Coupler is universal and allows you to borrow an air tool with the assurance that it will fit in your hose and the built-in on/off valve makes changing between tools a breeze. See it in action here.

The tank boot protects the bottom of your Power Tank, gives it a more stable base, and prevents it from rolling when set on its side. The regulator cover protects the most important components from the elements. The included Ammo Bag provides a nice way to protect your Tire Inflator when not in use.

Option details:

Tire Inflator Gauge: The low pressure 60 psi gauges are more accurate than their high pressure counterparts but won't work on truck or RV tires that need 55+ psi. The analog gauges are silicone filled for shock resistance and silicone doesn't slow down when the temperature drops, unlike glycerin. The digital gauges operate off of two AAA batteries and have a battery meter on the back-lit LCD screen. The back light comes in handy when you're checking tires in the early morning before a road trip or if you get off the trail after dark. The digital gauges are twice as accurate as their analog counterparts.