Power Lift Bag for Raising Cars Power Tank

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It's quick, light, and easy and it's the new preferred way to lift cars.


  1. It weighs a mere 13 lb. vs your 50-70 lb. floor jack. Your back will like that.
  2. It is nearly impossible to damage the car unlike a misplaced floor jack. Your boss will like that.
  3. It lifts cars in 10 sec. with no effort. Your arms will like that.
  4. It only needs 2 in. of clearance, no jack can do that.
  5. It can pay for itself in one year. Your wallet will like that. 

Lifts 2500 lb. with just 7 psi. Lifts up to 22 in. Stores flat or folded. Even lifts in sand and mud. 

Bag inflates in seconds using truck air OR Power Tank. 


For the last three to four years I have been using the Power Lift Bag on an average of four times a month. After the first year we only carry a floor jack for recovery purposes. The advantages of carrying the lift bag over the floor jack are: (1) space restrictions on our truck, and (2) the most important is that most vehicles today have low ground clearances and with the addition of a deflated tire it creates a real problem to use a floor jack. It is impossible to roll a floor jack under the vehicle without the chance of causing some type of damage to the undercarriage. 

The lift bag makes our job a lot easier and safer when working on narrow roads or interstates where there is limited clearance. You just do not have to worry about floor jack handles intruding out into an active service lane. One thing I would like to make note of, please chock the wheels of the vehicle that is being lifted. We use the lift bag in the shop to rotate tires, however, in order to lift one complete side up, the bag has to be properly placed between the front and the rear wheels. 
The only complaint I had when I first purchased the lift bag was it takes some effort to deflate which I understand has been improved with a large screw off hose. 

From Steve: "Yes, actually, we install a special quick release coupler for fast easy deflation of the bag."

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