PT10 - 10 lb Power Tank Builder

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This is not a standalone product. This item must be paired to a matching 10 lb accessory kit to be valid (PN: starts with AK10). Don't want to add an accessory kit? Check out our basic package instead.

This is our most popular Power Tank size because it is a great balance of size and weight vs the amount of CO2 it can hold. This is recommended for up to 35" tires. You can also get one 10 lb system and add a second spare bottle that you can rotate into your rig, saving space and reducing 'gas anxiety'.

Option Details:

Color - Pretty self-explanatory. Our CO2 bottles are manufactured and DOT stamped in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. They need to be hydro-tested (re-certified) every five years and we guarantee it will pass inspection or we'll replace it for free. All bottles come with an Armorcoat finish for a vibrant, professional color that will last the life of the bottle.

Regulator - You have a choice between a high-pressure Super Flow HP250i regulator with a 250 psi / 45 cfm output or an extreme-pressure Hyper Flow XP400 regualtor with a 400 psi / 48 cfm output. The HP250i has standard analog gauges while the XP400 has liquid-filled analog gauges. Which one do you go with? For inflating tires and running air tools on a trail rig, the HP250i has more than enough power and meets the needs of about 95% of our customers. The XP400 was designed for race teams with a specific high pressure (250+ psi) need such as charging N2 shocks. Both regulators are dual-gas and can be fit to an N2 tank using an adapter.

Hose -  You have a choice between a 30 foot coiled hose or a 30 foot straight hose. They are both a triple layer poly braid with a 1200 psi burst pressure, HD swivels at both ends, and are made to withstand the freezing temperatures of CO2, unlike most off-the-shelf hardware store hoses. They can both reach all four corners of a four-door Wrangler with the Power Tank mounted in the back. The coiled hose is faster to put away but can get caught around doors, etc. when you are stretching it out. The straight hose takes a bit longer to clean up but is better for running air tools since it won't pull on them when you set them down.