Mini Shock Inflator with 500 psi Gauge

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The Shock Boss Mini Inflator has everything you need to refill shocks on your Jeep, 4x4, Desert Car, or even mountain bike. This shock inflation tool has been upgraded with a more flexible three foot high pressure line to make accessing hard to reach Schrader valves easier, as well as the PT Shock Chuck™, a new No-Air-Loss (NAL) Chuck that you can operate without using a wrench. 

Use any regulated N2 source, like our Nitrogen Regulator Kit.  A ball air chuck and 500 psi gauge give you control as you recharge your shocks. Pro Tip: Set desired shock pressure at the regulator for even shocks at every corner.

The key difference between a Tire Inflator and a Shock Inflator is the type of chuck used to attach to the valve stem. Tire chucks leak a bit of air when you detach them from the valve stem. No big deal for a large volume tire but it is unusable for small volumes of air like your shock. The Shock Boss Mini Inflator uses a proprietary PT Shock Chuck™ which attaches to your shock's valve stem and opens and closes the valve core pin in two separate actions. This way, you close the valve before detaching the chuck so you experience no air loss, keeping the shock at your desired pressure. With two knurled thumb nuts, the PT Shock Chuck™ can be operated using only your hands, while other No-Air-Loss Chucks require a wrench to tighten. 

If you have a hard to reach or recessed Schrader valve, add a Schrader Valve Extension.

For IFP (internal floating piston) shocks that fill with a needle, you will need a Shock Fill Needle Assembly (SIG-5000). They work well with all of our shock inflators.


  • Budget Shock Inflator
  • 500 psi Gauge
  • Braided 36 in. Poly line
  • PT Shock Chuck

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