Switch Hitter LP - 0-60 psi Tire Inflator with Quick-Switch Chucks

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The Switch Hitter LP Tire Inflator is versatile and allows you to adapt to different wheel valve stems instantly. Instead of a single tire chuck at the end of the 2 ft. hose, we install a Quick-Switch Coupler to allow you to switch between a European Clip-On chuck and a dual head tire chuck. The Euro Clip-On will give you a good lock on most valve stems but if you have dually wheels or other hard to reach stems, the dual head tire chuck will fit the bill perfectly. With this one tire inflator, you can rest assured that there isn't a tire that you can't air up.

The Switch Hitter LP is our low pressure model with a choice between a 0-60 liquid analog or digital gauge. For most duallys, RVs, and Motorhomes, recommended tire pressures are above the range of our LP 60 psi gauges. For those tires, take a look at our Switch Hitter HP. This LP tire inflator is recommended for standard tires with pressures below 55 psi and the occasional hard to reach stem.

Our analog gauges are filled with silicone, which don't slow down in cold weather like other glycerin filled gauges do. The silicone is there to prevent damage and accuracy loss from vibration on road or off. It is accurate to +/- 1.2 psi. Our digital gauges are back-lit, making them easy to read in the dark, and are super accurate at +/- 0.6 psi. The AAA batteries will last years before needing to be replaced.

The body is of our own design and features a brass piston and EPDM O-rings that won't tear when faced with the higher pressures that a Power Tank puts out. You'll feel the quality in manufacturing as soon as you pick the Switch Hitter up. It feels weighty in the hand due to a pressure cast molding of the body which ensures strict tolerances and extreme durability for years of leak free usage. There is a bleed valve to dial the pressure just right and the trigger action is buttery smooth. Our two foot hose is longer than you'll find in most of the competition and allows you to stand up while airing your tires up.

The whole unit is rebuildable for years of use. Comes with our five year warranty.


  • 60 psi Analog Gauge Accurate to +/- 1.2 psi
  • OR 60 psi Digital Gauge Accurate to +/- 0.6 psi
  • European Clip-On AND Dual Head Angle Chuck
  • 2 ft. Steel Braided Whip and Quick-Release Coupler
  • Five Year Warranty 
  • Fully Rebuildable