Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators (5-20 psi) Power Tank

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These Trailhead Automatic Deflators from Power Tank are the best tire deflators on the market because they do all the work for you, leaving you free to check out the other rigs or grab a snack before hitting the trails.  Airing down your tires is the best way to improve traction, improve comfort, and prevent breakages while driving off road but no one ever looks forward to doing it. Most methods find you crouched down by each tire deflating them one at a time, killing your knees in the process.

With these automatic deflators, you screw them onto all four tires at once and they stop by themselves once they reach your desired pre-set pressure. They may take longer per tire than a tool that can pull your valve core but you can air down all four tires at the same time so your total air down time is roughly the same. The biggest benefit is that you don't need to crouch down by your tire while they work, saving your knees!

Heck, we don't even bother waiting. We'll screw these on and start driving down the trail. By the time we reach our first major obstacle, we're at the perfect PSI and can unscrew them and put them away in the included pouch. Couldn’t be easier. Just be careful not to drive too close to debris that can potentially break a valve stem. If that does happen, keep a Rescue Valve handy to quickly fix it and keep driving.

The first thing you'll do when you get your set of deflators is dialing in the pressure. They are adjustable between 5 and 20 psi by turning a recessed allen bolt within the body (allen wrench is included). Use a wheelbarrow tire or something small to make the process easier. After setting the first deflator, you'll have a good reference point to set the rest. Because the allen bolt is recessed, they are very resistant to accidental adjustments. We include a digital tire pressure gauge (0-100 psi) with an easy read display to make setting and double checking tire pressures a breeze.

To Clean: Remove top set screw. Remove screw, spring, and seat ball. Spray cleaner (WD-40, brake clean, carb cleaner) through aluminum body to remove any grit and debris. Blow out any excess solvent or oil with high pressure air. Wipe the plastic seat clean with a clean rag. Do not use solvent. Put a light film of Vaseline to the round seat surface and reassemble parts. Readjust the pressure setting. Done.

Hint: When disassembling, count the number of turns to remove the set screw. When reassembling you know how many turns to go in to get it close to where you had it.


  • 5-20 psi
  • Black with Power Tank logo
  • Digital tire pressure gauge - more accurate and easy to read
  • Black storage pouch - keep things clean and organized
  • Machined Aluminum - durable
  • Sold As 4 Pack

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