Racer Series Digital Tire Inflator 100 psi Steel Braided Hose Clip On Chuck Power Tank

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Digital Tire Inflator Racer Series 100 psi 2 ft. Braided Hose Clip On Chuck from Power Tank. What do racers want the most from their tire pressure gauges? Accuracy. Here's the most accurate tire pressure gauge under $400. How do we know? We test them.

When you buy a Racer Series tire pressure gauge from us you'll get our guarantee in writing that the gauge was tested and certified to be +/- .25 psi accurate. This product comes as a tire inflator but can be used as just a tire pressure gauge also. The hose is stainless steel braided, the chuck is heavy duty, and there is a bleed button in the perfect location.

For increased safety, spec your tire inflator with a 6 ft. Safety Whip. This extended line gives you room to stand off to the side while inflating tires, letting you avoid injury from tire or wheel failures.


  • 0-100 psi
  • Digital Gauge
  • Clip on Chuck
  • Racer Series

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