Tire Pressure Gauge 15 PSI Digital with 2 foot Whip from Power Tank

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Power Tank Tire Pressure Gauges are like no other on the market and are a perfect complement to Power Tank Monster Valves or any wheel with dual valve stems. Monitor second to second changes in pressure so you don't waste a second releasing the trigger to check the tire pressure or overshooting your target.

We start with a large, easy to read gauge. This one is a 15 psi digital gauge, good for super low pressure quad, ATV, Side by Side, UTV, and sand car tires. It features a back-light for easy reading in the dark as well as a battery meter that tells you when it's time to change the commonly available AAA batteries. While this gauge is limited in versatility because of its low range, it makes it up in accuracy. This gauge is accurate to +/- 0.15 psi!

Between the gauge and the clip-on air chuck is two feet of durable stainless steel braided hose. You can clip on to your valve stem, then set the gauge down where it's easily readable or hold it close to your eyes so you don't have to crane your neck to get a tire pressure reading. 

Other stand-out features are a built-in bleed button for getting tire pressures spot-on and a removable air chuck. A removable air chuck allows you to clip in directly to an air source to air up. A life-saver if you forgot your Monster Chuck at home and need to air up through a standard valve stem. If you clip the air chuck onto your valve stem without an air hose connected, it will air down your tire hands free. You will have to be careful not to overshoot your target pressure but it sure beats crouching down with a twig pressed in your valve stem. 


  • 15 psi Digital
  • +/- 0.15 psi accuracy
  • 24 Inch whip hose
  • Bleed Button on all units
  • Comes with removable chuck to fill tires through normal valve stem