ABOVE: Having a light weight air system that mounts to your belt adds to your work efficiency and leaves both hands free to operate your Launcher.
The Power Tank® Sidearm Kit air systems are perfect for use with any of the PyroShot gas propelled ignition launchers. No further equipment is required. Just charge your bottles with CO2, connect directly to your PyroShot Launcher gun with the bottle/regulator/gauge/hose included with the Sidearm Kit, and you’re ready to launch spheres.

The 20 ounce mini CO2 bottles that come with Power Tank’s Sidearm Kits are top-of-the-line, powder coated, and feature a manual shut-off valve instead of the cheaper pin valve. And, of course they can be easily refilled at your local paintball supply shop or you can refill them yourself using refill equipment from Power Tank®. Just make sure you refill these bottles, as opposed to trading them in. These bottles are so much nicer than the standard paintball bottles that you may never see them again!

You can order your Power Tank® Sidearm Kit through Field Support Services, the manufacturers of the PyroShot (see www. PyroShot.com), or directly from us here at Power Tank®. Just mention PyroShot when you call us and we’ll be happy to set you up with the air system that best suits your needs.

Performance Specs:
A 20 ounce Power Tank® Sidearm bottle of CO2 will launch more than 100 spheres from the standard PyroShot High Speed (with full volume at 130psi). Reducing the shot tank volume and lowering the pressure to 50 psi will easily double that.

The PyroShot High Speed Backfire is a real gas sipper, and will launch from 200 to more than a thousand rounds per 20 ounce Power Tank® Sidearm bottle of CO2 depending on configuration and gas pressure.

ABOVE: This bottle sleeve features a non-slip inside layer with a steel belt clip. The short coiled hose offers just enough movement without being obtrusive.

ABOVE: The Sidearm System B features our bottle “holster” which has a belt loop or a belt clip attachment option. It offers mobility, bottle security and ease of body movement. You’ll never have to worry about powering a compressor or carrying a large tank of air.
ITT-2000 - $199.95

So you know you can get your mini Power Tank bottles filled at most paintball shops but you may prefer to refill your own bottles. It’s cheaper and often more convenient. This kit is includes all that you will need to refill your mini Power Tank CO2 bottles (20oz. and 2.5lb.) besides the 20-35 lb. CO2 “mother” tank that you will fill from. You can purchase your “mother” tank from your local welding gas supplier or beverage carbonics service and have the convenience of quick empty-for-full tank swaps. The kit includes the Tank Inverter Stand, the Power Filler 1 Transfiller Valve, a Digital Scale, and a hook cap to hang the small bottles from the scale.
ITT-2020 - $399.95

If you’re the type that always orders the biggest thing on the menu then here’s the whole enchilada. Here’s a complete transfilling kit including a 20lb. CO2 “mother” tank. Having your own “mother” tank allows you to get it filled from other CO2 suppliers including fire extinguisher shops. This allows you to shop around for best gas prices and it allows the tank to get filled when away from your home town. Get (12) complete 20oz. fills or (6) complete 2.5lb. fills from each 20lb. “mother” tank. And, of course, this kit includes all the other cool stuff like the inverter stand, the Power Filler 1 Transfiller Valve, a Digital Scale, and a hook cap to hang the small bottles from the scale.

Here it is in action:
POWER FILLER 1 - CO2 transfill tool
CO2-2061 - $89.95

Here’s the magic-the tool that allows quick and complete fills through simple transfilling. It is our design and there is not another transfiller valve that works as well at filling mini bottles more completely and more easily.

Note: You will have to invert your “mother” tank or get one with a “siphon tube” installed. If you are unsure of the procedure get our ITT-2000 or ITT-2020.
20 oz.- Sidearm Kit, Package A
PS01-3140 - $239.95

This Sidearm starter kit is a complete package that lets you start using it as soon as the bottle is filled with CO2. It comes with one 20oz. aluminum CO2 bottle, a Sidearm Holster, the SuperFlex 10’ braided hose, and of course the SuperFlow Sidearm COMP regulator. This bottle can be filled at a place that fills paintball bottles or you can fill them yourself with our refill equipment. The holster fits on 3” tool belts or clips to your pocket or belt for easy carrying. The Sidearm COMP regulator is adjustable up to 160 PSI so shooting near or far is easy to control.
20 oz.- Sidearm Kit - Package B
PS01-3150 - $349.95

The sidearm System is a revolutionary product that we developed for anyone who needs reliable, high energy air in a compact package for maximum mobility. In the fire industry, mobility may mean the difference between life and death and mobility is what you get with the Power Tank Sidearm systems. This kit comes with a spare bottle, a bottle holster, a Straight Jacket Sleeve with belt clip for carrying the spare bottle with you, a 10’ coiled SuperFlex hose, fittings, a carabiner to hang your holster when off your belt, a tough carry bag for all these parts, and our SuperFlow Sidearm COMP regulator. The adjustable Sidearm regulator goes up to 160 PSI and features a built-in safety pressure release bleed off valve which allows the regulator to continue working even in the case of a regulator malfunction.
20 oz.- Sidearm Kit - Package C
PS01-3160 (Top Seller) - $499.95

Once you start to use your Sidearm Kit you’ll wonder how you ever got around without it. You’ll find yourself getting more shots off quicker, with more accuracy, and with less effort. To increase your efficiency we recommend having more back-up bottles. This will prolong your work time between bottle refillings. This is the premise with the Package C which comes with six (6) bottles plus an extra carry bag for them. This Package C also includes a tire chuck and pressure gauge for that emergency tire repair.

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