20 oz Power Shot systems – sidearm

When you shrink a Power Tank down to about the size of a wine bottle, you still get all of the speed and performance of its bigger brothers, while massively increasing portability. Now you have enough power to reseat a Side by Side tire on the trail in a package that will fit in a glove box or doesn't look out of place on your roll bar. 

Our trigger regulator allows 200+ psi at the end of the push-on chuck to make quick work of airing up tires, reseating beads, and blowing out dust from your rig. 

With a Sidearm adjustable regulator, you're able to run all manner of air tools. Our tire inflator connects directly to the regulator to make accurate tire fills a breeze. With a belt holster, other teams will be racking their brains trying to figure out how you're running a 1/2 in impact wrench without a long air line in the pits.

Your construction crew has never been more mobile, either. Climbing ladders, roof work, and working around clients and customers, the Power Shot Sidearm has no power cords or air lines to trip over and runs completely silently. 

After filling seven 29 in SxS tires or shooting (190) 8D nails, refill the bottles at any sporting goods or paintball shop for a few bucks. To save time and money, you can refill your bottles yourself using our filling tools. 

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