Propane Brackets

Whether you're out on a grand overland adventure or your idea of fun is riding the open waves of the ocean, we've got a propane bracket for you. Our brackets feature stainless steel straps and hardware on an aluminum or stainless steel frames to stand up to years of abuse.

The aluminum brackets are light weight while still remaining very strong. The adjustable latches and rubber contacts will ensure your propane tank stays put on even the roughest of washboard roads. 

A few of our brackets are available in a stainless steel version. These are for marine applications where the salt in the air and water would ruin other options. Our 10 lb propane bracket (BKT-2288 or BKT-2288SS) for the aluminum 10lb Worthington tank is the best way to carry propane on the open water and is the only propane tank we sell for this reason. 

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