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Advanced Air Systems, Inc., DBA Power Tank®, designed the original CO2 on-board air system back in 1997. It all started after Steve's first wheeling trip in his red 85 4Runner. He was new to the sport and as he got off the trail after a weekend of fun, his first question was, "How do we get home on aired down tires?" 

The two solutions at the time? 1. Plug a little compressor into your cigarette lighter and wait for it to run (too late for that) or 2. drive down the road until you see a gas station with tire refill station. Well by the time Steve and his buddies found a viable gas station, his tires had already cupped. Brand new M/Ts were ruined after one outing.

Steve talked to his brothers in the refrigeration industry and did some research on his own to see if CO2 could be the answer to his problems. He soon developed the first Power Tank in his garage out of the need for a fast, simple, and affordable tire inflation system for 4x4 trail rigs. What Steve ended up with was an on-board air system with capabilities beyond his wildest expectations. It ran air tools, was easily portable, very affordable, easy to install, AND inflated tires faster than a 6 HP shop compressor. He named it the Power Tank®. 

He put out an ad in a 4WD magazine and orders started coming in. Slowly at first but momentum built and soon he took the chance to leave his current job to focus on Power Tank full time.

Over more than 20 years, Steve has been building and improving that original concept and here we are today. Power Tank now has a full catalog of air systems and accessories to support a variety of industries such as Construction, Motor Homes, Sand Sports, Towing, Desert Racing and more. At the heart of every Power Tank system is a regulator sporting SuperFlow™ technology designed to provide super high flow rates of CO2 vapor without "freeze clogging", the number one problem with other high pressure CO2 regulators, or self-destructing due to sub-freezing temperatures subjected to internal components. It is the only air system with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Our main focus is still in the off-road market but Power Tanks can now be found around the world in the UK military, municipalities using them to test remote pipe lines, all manner of race teams, the US Forest Service, agricultural tractors, and even on the Discoverer-Enterprise deep sea vessel! 

The Power Tank product line has also expanded over the years. Propane tank brackets, Ventoso Tire Inflators, Shock Boss Shock Inflation Tools, and more. 

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact with us: info@powertank.com. If you're passing through Lodi, drop by our shop! We love having visitors. Especially if they bring their rigs. 

Want to know more? Steve has been featured in a number of excellent off-road podcasts. Check them out here. 

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