Power Tank Dimensions Chart

Use this handy chart to get an idea of the size and weight of a Power Tank. You can also see examples of Power Tanks mounted in different ways on our Mounting Ideas Page.

Note: The weights are approximations only and actual weights will vary due to manufacturing differences. 

System Size Height (includes handle) Tank Diameter Handle Width Depth (front of handle to back of tank) Weight Empty (w/ handle & reg) Weight Full Colors Available
PT01 (20 oz) 12 inch 3.125 inch N/A N/A 1.60 lb 2.85 lb Matte Black
PT05 (5 lb) 21 inch 5.25 inch 5.75 inch 8.5 inch 11 lb 16 lb Gloss Black
PT10 (10 lb) 24 inch 7 inch 5.75 inch 9.125 inch 17 lb 27 lb Gloss Black, Candy Red, Candy Blue, Matte Black
PT15 (15 lb) 30 inch 7 inch 5.75 inch 9.125 inch 21 lb 36 lb Gloss Black, Candy Red, CandyBlue
PT20 (20 lb) 30 inch 8 inch 5.75 inch 9.625 inch 30 lb 50 lb Gloss Black
72 ci (N2) 12 inch 5 inch N/A N/A 4.2 lb 4.2 lb Gloss Black

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