Propane Tank Bracket for 10 lb. Aluminum Propane Tank

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This Propane Tank Bracket for 10 lb Aluminum Propane Tanks is the ideal way to carry large amounts of propane on your boat, trailer, RV, or overland vehicle. Featuring a marine-grade, powdercoated frame and stainless steel latches and hardware, this bracket is built to withstand the test of time. Rubber trim on all contact points with the propane tank ensures a noise free mount and will keep your propane tank looking fresh. This bracket is designed to hold a 10 lb. Aluminum Worthington (196126) or a Trident (14100010) 2.4 gallon propane tank. Aluminum propane tanks are lighter than steel tanks and are corrosion resistant. 

The bracket and propane bottle have a combined empty weight of 12.25 lbs, less than a single 11 lb steel propane tank. If you're searching for the best of the best propane tank holder, look no further. 

This bracket is compatible with most Power Tank vehicle mounts such as our Roll Bar Clamps and MOLLE Power Plate. 

All brackets come powdercoated satin black for an added layer of protection and durability.

The 10 lb Aluminum Propane bottle is available in our store! View here.

Buy the bracket and bottle together and save $40!


  • For 10 lb. Aluminum Worthington and Trident Tank
  • Marine-Grade Construction
  • Powdercoated satin black
  • Rubber Trim and Bumpers
  • 3.1 lbs
  • Dim: 5"x10.25"x8.75"

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