Air Tools

Power Tank began out of a need for fast tire inflations. The ability to run air tools better than any other portable air system is icing on the cake. Your Power Tank can easily be unmounted and walked down the trail to help some one in need. It doesn't need to be plugged into a battery, doesn't need to charge up a separate air tank, doesn't make a sound, and it has more than enough pressure and flow rate to power any tool you throw at it. 

The air tools we sell are the same ones we run in our rigs. This means that they are powerful, portable, and they have never let us down on the trail. The 1/2 inch impact wrenches can remove 360 lug nuts torqued to 90 ft/lbs from a single 10 lb Power Tank. In terms of raw power, a Power Tank with a quality impact will outperform any cordless impact wrench. For particularly tough jobs like pinion nuts, you can up the pressure to outperform even huge shop compressors.

Our Blow Gun with extendable tip was developed for Baja 1000 racers who are nose diving into silt beds. The gun can handle 400 psi without blowing seals and the bendable tip allows you to reach places other tools can't. 

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