All-in-One Shock Inflation Kit

We make shock inflation and maintenance easy with our all-in-one kits which include everything you need to service your shocks, even on the road. These kits are used by race teams across the globe as they are mobile, self-contained, and, most importantly, reliable. 

Both kits include a 72ci Nitrogen bottle good for 20-40 shock inflations. They also include a transfiller to fill the included N2 bottle from a bigger mother bottle (most gas shops will not fill the smaller bottle). 

The NIT-0400 includes an analog (SIG-5600) or digital (SIG-5700) shock inflator tool with a micro-adjust knob to get your shock or bump stop pressure just right. It also adds a shoulder sling for the bottle to free up your hands as well as a Power Wrench to make screwing on the NAL chuck a cinch. All this is contained in a hard case with foam inserts to keep your equipment protected on the go.

The NIT-0350 uses a simple shock inflation tool. There is no micro-adjust on the inflation tool but you can dial in the shock pressure using the Sidearm regulator on the N2 bottle itself. This kit comes in a soft zippered bag with an extra pouch to protect your tools while they're bumping around in the back of a chase truck. 

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