Power Flow 3 - Industrial Interchange Air Hose CLOSED Coupler 1/4" NPT Thread

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Power Flow 3 Air Hose Coupler. This newly designed air tool fitting has superseded the Power Flow 2 with thermal vents to alleviate lower temperatures from the Power Tank regulator. The Power Flow 3 still has eight locking balls to secure a standard 1/4" industrial plug and has a working pressure of 400 PSI.

The special seals are rated at -40°F and they're automatic in that it only requires one hand to push and lock the plug into place. To release, simply pull back the sleeve. Made with aircraft aluminum with a hard anodized black body and red sleeve finish, the Power Flow III is durable and light weight. 


  • Thread - 1/4 NPT Male or 1/4 FPT Female threads
  • Style - Industrial (Type M)
  • Lock - Automatic 8 Ball - 400 psi WP
  • CLOSED Coupler - Air only flows while a tool is plugged in, holds back flow when nothing is plugged in
  • Automatic - push in to connect, 1-hand operation
  • Material - Aluminum body – Light weight
  • Temperature - (-40°F)

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