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Blemished products are products that were scratched or scuffed during the manufacturing process that do not meet our high expectations. Blems are items that are 100% functional in every way but they may have small cosmetic defects like scuffs and scratches. 

If you would like to purchase one of these items, please select the product from the dropdown menu. Each piece will have a special discount applied to it. 

All Blem product sales are final and are non-refundable. 

  1. BKT-2240-P - 4 Door Wrangler JLU Sports Bar Mount - Passenger Side 
  2. BKT-2257 - CO2 Tank Bracket 40 oz. 4.4 in. Diameter
  3. BKT-2299 - Propane Tank Bracket for 11 lb Squatty Propane Tank & 11 lb Viking Composite Tank
  4. BKT-2287 - Propane Tank Bracket For 6 lb. Aluminum Propane Tank Power Tank
  5. BKT-2258 - CO2 Tank Super Bracket 5 lb. 5.25 in, Diameter Power Tank - Stainless Steel
  6. BKT-2258 - CO2 Tank Super Bracket 5 lb. 5.25 in, Diameter Power Tank - Black

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