Hoses / Couplers

Our hoses are specifically made to handle the high pressures and sub-freezing temperatures of CO2 without becoming brittle or unsafe. They are rated for minus 40 degrees F operating temperature and over 1000 psi burst pressure. We also spec a swivel at both ends that can withstand 400 psi working pressure. 

Both of our 30 foot hoses can reach all four tires on a 4 door Jeep Wrangler JKU or JLU dependent on mounting location. The coiled hose is great for fast clean ups when you're done airing up but the coils can get caught on tailgates and other edges. The straight hose takes a little longer to roll up but it is super soft and flexible meaning it lays flat and doesn't pull on your tools if you're doing a trail repair. It is also less of a tripping hazard in those situations. All Power Tank packages come with your choice of hose.

The 10 foot coiled hose is constructed out of the same materials we use for our 30 foot hose. The 10 foot hose is great for RVers who need to bring their Power Tank to each wheel. It is also the preferred hose for our Power Shot Sidearm system when paired with the belt holster. It allows full range of motion for convenient air tool use. 

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