Shock Boss - ORI Edition - Portable Nitrogen Strut Tuning Kit

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The special ORI Edition Shock Boss portable nitrogen (N2) tuning kit is your answer to perfecting the ride on your ORI equipped rig. The self-contained kit includes all the tools needed to fill and tune your ORI struts at home or in the rocks from a 72 ci N2 bottle. This includes the 72 ci N2 bottle with a shoulder strap, high-precision Shock Inflator tool with no-air-loss chuck (SIG-5600), 800 psi regulator, N2 Power Filler, Power Wrench, plus a tool bag large enough to carry it all.  

ORI Struts are quickly becoming a popular alternative to coilovers and nitrogen shocks, packing in multiple features like an internal bump stop, sway control, ride height adjustment, and more in a single package. The unique design can sometimes require upwards of 400 psi, exceeding the max pressure of our standard Shock Boss portable N2 kit (NIT-0400). If your vehicle is lighter and therefore needs less than 400 psi in the upper chamber, we recommend the standard Shock Boss. The Sidearm regulator in that kit can be pre-set to a desired pressure making it more convenient to use. 

In order to use this kit, you will need to buy or rent a nitrogen cylinder with gas in order to fill the 72 ci bottle contained in this kit. From the rented cylinder, use the included N2 Power Filler to charge the 72 ci bottle. Screw on the hose assembly to the bottle, attach the Shock Inflator to the hose assembly with a quick-release coupler, and attach the no-air-loss chuck to your schrader valve on the upper or lower ORI chamber. The Power Wrench is for tightening the no-air-loss chuck, ensuring a leak-free connection. The included shoulder strap holds the N2 bottle so you have both hands to adjust and fine-tune the pressure from the Shock Inflator. The high pressure lines on the hose assembly and the Shock Inflator are both 36 in. in length, giving you plenty of freedom and mobility. All of the included equipment fits in the included parts bag for easy transportation and protection. 

No other kit on the market is this complete, portable, and will allow the fine-tune adjustments possible with our Shock Inflator.

If you would like to hard mount the N2 bottle, use our N2 Tank Bracket (BKT-2275-AL) which is compatible with our billet Roll Bar Clamps (ABC-2450). 

The Shock Inflator features a 500 psi liquid filled analog gauge. Do not exceed 500 psi on the gauge. We do not currently carry a dual fill Shock Inflator because vehicle weights can vary from driver to passenger side, requiring different pressures. To inquire about a custom dual fill Shock Inflator, please call our main line (209-366-2163). 

If you have a hard to reach or recessed Schrader valve, add a Schrader Valve Extension.



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