Shock Boss V2 - Portable Nitrogen Shock Tuning Kit

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New and improved! The Shock Boss V2 is the latest version of the industry's favorite on-the-go shock service kit. It will inflate shocks and bump stops up to 400 psi and all of the tools fit into a heavy-duty ABS case to keep parts organized and clean. The kit should fill 20-40 shocks or bump stops on a charge.

  • NEW! - Heavier duty dust and water resistant lockable case
  • NEW! - All kits now come with a Schrader valve extension as standard 
  • NEW! - All Shock Inflator Gauges come with an easier to use PT Shock Chuck with knurled thumb nuts and a 800 psi Liquid Analog Gauge

Custom foam inserts keep parts protected: SIG-5800 PRO Series shock inflator tool (the industry favorite shock tool), Sidearm 400 psi PRO Series regulator (easy to use, ultra reliable), aluminum N2 bottle with shoulder sling (gives you two free hands when you most need it), N2 Power Filler (to refill the kit bottle from a larger N2 tank), Stainless steel wrench (to quickly R&R the N2 Power Filler), and extra seals for the bottle valve just in case.

In order to use this kit, you will need to buy or rent a nitrogen cylinder with gas in order to fill the 72 ci bottle contained in this kit. From the rented cylinder, use the included N2 Power Filler to charge the 72 ci bottle. Attach the Sidearm PRO Series Regulator to the 72 ci bottle, attach the Shock Inflator to the Sidearm Regulator with a quick-release coupler, and attach the PT Shock Chuck™ to your Schrader valve on the shock or bump stop. The PT Shock Chuck™ can be operated by hand using knurled thumb nuts instead of a wrench required on other No-Air-Loss (NAL) Chucks. 

Our NIT-0500 kits are now used across the globe but not necessarily for shock service. We have municipalities using them to pressure test remote pipe lines. There are road maintenance and agriculture tractors using them to pressurize actuators. And we even have them in service on the Discoverer-Enterprise deep-water vessel. We make a custom version for the UK military to service shocks on their new Supacat.

This is the same kit that Fox Racing Shocks uses to tune Ultra4 Cars and Trophy Trucks for the King of the Hammers and Baja 1000 Off-Road Races. 

If you have IFP (internal floating piston) shocks that fill with a needle we have them (SIG-5000) and they work well with all of our shock inflators.

Watch this six year long term review and how-to from AutoEdits Jason as he services his MetalCloak 6Pak Shocks: 


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