Power Tank CO2 Brackets

Over 20 years ago, Steve developed the first Power Tank. To mount it, he borrowed a design from a fire extinguisher. It was big and heavy, so the second thing he developed was a better bracket. Just like the Power Tank, he's been improving the design ever since. 

The Power Tank brackets all feature aluminum frames with stainless steel hardware. They are designed in house and manufactured locally in Sacramento, CA. They are lightweight, strong, and very compact. They have been used on trail rigs, desert racers, Ultra4 cars and have withstood abuse like you wouldn't believe. 

All brackets are compatible with our Roll Bar Clamps (ABC-2450 & ABC-2455). We recommend two clamps for 5 lb, 10 lb, and 15 lb Power Tanks. Depending on your driving style, a third clamp is suggested for a 15 lb Power Tank. A 20 lb Power Tank weighs nearly 55 lbs with bracket and requires three clamps. 

The 10 lb and 15 lb Power Tanks have the same diameter (6.9 inches) so the brackets are compatible with both sizes. This makes future upgrades a breeze. The rubber trim on the bottom of the 10 lb and 15 lb Super Bracket can be removed to fit around the tank boot, preventing the tank from sliding out. The Power Bracket was designed with a tank boot in mind and will not work as well without one. 

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