Refilling Equipment

Whether you're refilling a 20 oz bottle from a 20 lb mother bottle or a 10 lb bottle from a 50 lb mother bottle, we have the equipment you need to do it.

Our Inverted Tank stand is a mobile solution to refilling 20 oz Power Shot bottles. Place the mother bottle upside down in the stand so that the liquid CO2 flows through the Power Filler tool. The scale ensures you don't overfill your bottles.

The Power Filler III is for filling 5, 10, 15, and 20 lb Power Tanks from 50 or 100 lb mother bottles. It is important to ensure your mother bottle has a siphon tube to pull the liquid CO2 from the bottom of the bottle vs the CO2 vapor at the top of the bottle. (Power Tanks run off of CO2 vapor which is why they can't be used in a horizontal or upside-down position) 

To ensure full fills every time, the transfill tool isn't always enough. If you're a shop or dealer who wants to offer a great service to your customers, check out the Super Pump Station. 

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