These are the heart and soul of a Power Tank system and they have had over 20 years of refinements, updates, and revisions to make them the best in any industry. No other air system or regulator boasts a limited lifetime warranty like ours do and they are guaranteed to never freeze clog. 

The COMP series HP250i is our bread and butter regulator. It has an adjustable output up to 250 psi with a flow rate of 40 cfm. Compare this to a heavy duty OBA compressor which has a max output of 150 psi and a flow rate of only 2.62 cfm (at 0 psi). Not only will you be able to fill tires many times faster than any other air system but you can also run a full range of air tools including a 1/2 inch impact wrench at full power. 

Need even more power? Upgrade your regulator to our PRO series XP400. It increases the output to 400 psi with a 45 cfm flow rate. Not only is this regulator faster but with a N2 to CO2 adapter, you can use this on your nitrogen tank to tune your shocks! 

Power Tank also sells a COMP series 160 psi and a PRO series 400 psi Sidearm regulator adapted for smaller 20 oz Power Shot bottles. The Sidearm regulators have all the power of their bigger counterparts while fitting onto a wine bottle sized CO2 tank, small enough to clip to your belt. With the extra portability, you can use a Power Tank to run impacts in the pit or shoot nails anywhere on a job site. 

These small bottles can also be used with our simpler Trigger regulator to make tire repairs a breeze. This is the system we all carry in our cars for its compact size and ease of use. Hold the push on chuck on your tire valve stem and squeeze the trigger. It has enough power to reseat a bead which makes it an excellent option for Side by Side and ATV tires as well. 

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