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If there was ever a need for high performance, high pressure air, it is for RVs and trailers. They are constantly getting bigger and heavier and the tires are required to carry more and more weight at higher pressures. Compressed air was already hard enough to find for filling 80 to 100psi tires but now it's not uncommon to see 110 to 130psi on RV tires. 

The Power Tank RV Series is the simple, portable, quick, and clean solution to this problem. Able to inflate a 22.5" tire from 110 to 120 PSI in approximately 35 seconds from a portable, lightweight (27-36 lbs.) system, a Power Tank makes the chore of tire pressure maintenance a snap. 

RV TIRES PACK EXPLOSIVE ENERGY. Any RV or high pressure trailer that has been driven on at 80% of full pressure or below should not be reinflated by you as the inner cords may be weakened. It should be deflated and removed from vehicle then inspected by a tire expert before being re-inflated. Be very careful while inflating your tires and do not stand in front of the tire during inflation. 

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