Shock Inflators

Our Shock Inflators are designed from the ground up to be accurate, easy to use, and reliable time and time again. The SIG-5600 and SIG-5700 feature a CNC'd aluminum body, large easy-to-read gauge, and the highest quality No-Air-Loss chuck we could get our hands on. This Shock Inflator with Gauge can be found in our all-in-one shock inflation kit (NIT-0400) which includes a N2 bottle and everything else you need to fill and maintain proper shock pressure. Everything fits in a hard case to make fine-tuning your shocks at the race track a breeze. 

The SIG-0500 is a great option for the budget-minded shopper. Featuring a simple on/off ball valve and the same No-Air-Loss chuck as our other models, this unit has all the essentials to be able to service your shocks. Paired with our N2 regulator (NIT-0110) or included in our econo shock inflation kit (NIT-0350), this device is fine tuned using the regulator on the bottle, instead of a micro adjustment knob on the inflator, itself. 

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