Replacement Gauge - 60 psi Digital for Tire Inflator Gauge

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We take pride in how easily you can rebuild one of our tire inflators. It's a sign of quality and proof that it was built in our shop in California, unlike our competitors. If you have a broken gauge or simply want to upgrade your working gauge to something different, look no further.

This 1.5-60 psi gauge has a 1% accuracy (+/- 0.6 psi). Reads PSI, Kpa, Bar, Kgf/cm³

These digital gauges run on AAA batteries because they're easier to find and you are more likely to have some spares hiding in your truck somewhere. They have a back-light for easy reading in the dark and a battery level meter. 


  • 2.5 in. Diameter
  • 1/8" NPT threads
  • Works on all Power Tank Tire Inflator Models

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