Tire Pressure Gauges

Forget your crappy pencil gauge. These are heavy-duty monsters. They feature a large, easy to read 2.5 inch gauge with a two foot whip which is much more comfortable than standing at your valve stem. Power Tank tire pressure gauges also feature a bleed button to adjust your tire pressures just right. 

These are an excellent option for folks running Monster Valves or dual valve stems in their wheels. The clip-on chuck means you can check pressure with your gauge while inflating or deflating your tires with your other hand. 

For the best accuracy, get the gauge that is closest to 10-20 psi above your max tire pressure. For example, if I run 35 psi on the street, I would get a 60 psi gauge. If my max tire pressure is 55 psi, then a 60 psi gauge is too low and I run the risk of pegging the gauge. 

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