Power Tank Dealer and Refiller Map

This map lists both official Power Tank dealers as well as verified CO2 on-site refillers. While CO2 is commonly available through gas suppliers around the country, not all of them refill on-site. Rather, they collect a number of customer bottles and truck them to a larger central filling location before bringing them back to the shop to hand back to the customer. This is undesirable as your shiny new Power Tank is liable to get damaged or lost in transport.

The CO2 suppliers on this list have been verified to refill on-site and most will have a same day turnaround at the time they were added to the list. It is good practice to call ahead as some shops will only refill on a certain day of the week. Simply ask if you can bring over your CO2 beverage bottle to be refilled. They may ask for the size or weight of your bottle. The bottle must pass a visual inspection before filling.

All gas bottles in the USA must be hydro-tested five years from the manufacturing date and every five years thereafter. If your local CO2 refiller does not offer that service, they will know who in town will.

Just because you don't see your city represented on this map, does not mean that there are no refillers in your area. To find a CO2 refiller in your area, simply do an online search for "CO2 refill + 'your zip code'" and call the first few results you find. You can also do a search for the following types of businesses in your area: fire safety/fire extinguisher service shops, beverage carbonics, home brew supply stores, welding supply stores. 

We are always looking to expand this list. If you don't see your local gas supplier listed, please share their information with us so we can update our map. Further, please let us know if any of the information is out of date. Businesses may move or shut down and can even change policies regarding on-site filling. You can call 209-366-2163 or email us CO2supply@powertank.com

How to use this map:

For a list view of shops, click the sliding door icon in the upper left corner of the map. You can click the check mark next to Dealers or CO2 Refillers to show or hide that category from the map. Blue shopping cart icons are dealers. Orange shopping cart icons are both dealers and CO2 refillers. Green gas station icons are CO2 refillers only. Red gas stations are facilities that can hydro-test your Power Tank. They may or may not also refill your Power Tank; call the individual shop for information. To view the map full screen, click the full screen icon in the upper right corner. If you are on mobile, this will open the Google Maps app. 


The following gas suppliers have facilities across the US. However, services offered at each individual location may vary. You may use their store locator to find the location nearest you and call to see if that particular store offers CO2 refilling. 

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