Current Stock Outs

Unfortunately, our supply chain has been affected by current world events and we are out of stock on the following parts:

  • 20 Oz Power Shot - Avail. Dec 18th
  • 5 lb. Gloss Black - Avail. Sept 23rd
  • 10 lb. Team Yellow* - Avail. Oct 1st
  • 10 lb. Candy Blue & Matte Black - Avail. Oct 22nd
  • 10 lb. Gloss Black - Avail. Oct 29th
  • 10 lb. Candy Red - Avail. Nov 12th
  • 15 lb. Candy Red Power Tanks - Avail. Oct. 22nd
  • 15 lb. Gloss Black & Candy Blue Power Tanks** - Avail. Oct 8th
  • 20 lb. Gloss Black Power Tanks - Avail. September 15th 
  • 72 ci. Nitrogen Bottles (For Shock Boss Kits) - September 13th


  • Monster Valve 3 (MV3) - Avail. Aug 20th
  • Monster Valve 4 (MV4) - Avail. Aug 20th
  • 6 lb Aluminum Propane Tank Bracket - Avail. Nov 10th
  • 10 lb Aluminum Propane Tanks - Avail June 2022
  • 20 lb Steel Propane Tank Brackets - Avail. Sept 1st
  • 10 lb & 15 lb Power Brackets - Avail. Sept 1st
  • XP400 400 psi Regulator - Avail. Nov 16th

The United States is currently facing a shortage of new gas cylinders as the domestic manufacturers are focusing on medical oxygen tanks. 

If you place an order with any of these items in your cart, we will wait to ship everything at once. If you would like to split your shipment to only wait for the items that are on backorder, checkout with two different carts or call us with your order number and we can arrange the additional shipping necessary. 209-366-2163

These dates are estimates only and are subject to change without notice. 

*Limited Edition Color

**One of our bottle suppliers suffered a small fire which has pushed the back in stock back an indeterminate amount of time. This affects existing and new orders. Time given is an estimate only. 

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